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Falconer, James Warden
Rank Private 350432
Regiment Highland Light Infantry, 1st/7th (Blythswood) Battalion
Death 17th September 1918
Age 30
Burial Queant Communal Cemetery, British Extension, A. 54
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Quartus Lair 314
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Findlay DSO, John Alexander
Rank Major
Regiment Highland Light Infantry, 1st/5th (City of Glasgow) Battalion
Death 8th November 1917
Age 34
Burial Gaza War Cemetery, XII. C. 4.
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Zeta Lair 16-17
Finlay, William
Rank Private
Regiment Royal Scots, 11th Battalion
Death 10th July 1918
Age 19
Burial Le Peuplier Military Cemetery, Caestre, D. 3.
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Sextus Lair 173
Fleming, Malcolm James Henderson
Rank Lieutenant
Regiment Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 5th (Renfrewshire) Battalion
Death 14th July 1915
Age 32
Memorial Helles Memorial, Panel 183 and 184
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Lambda Lair 169
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Fleming, MC, Ernest Cole
Rank Major
Regiment Royal Field Artillery, 'C' Battery, 121st Brigade
Death 18th July 1917
Age 33
Burial Bard Cottage Cemetery, III. C. 13.
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Sigma Lair 127
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Flett, Joseph Leask
Rank Private S/12293
Regiment Cameron Highlanders 5th Battalion
Death 25th September 1915
Memorial Loos Memorial Panel 119 to 124
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Eta Lair 362
Forrester, Adrian Andrew
Rank Fleet Surgeon
Regiment Royal Navy
Death 25th April 1915
Age 42
Memorial Chatham Naval Memorial, 9
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Omega Lair 201
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Foulis, James Bell
Rank Captain
Regiment Cameron Highlanders, 5th Battalion
Death 18th October 1916
Age 33
Memorial Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 15 B.
Glasgow Necropolis Compartment Primus Lair 169/170
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