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Glasgow Necropolis – City of the Dead (You Tube) (opens in new tab)

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Blog – “About a City – Glasgow Necropolis” (opens in new tab)


Glasgow Cathedral (opens in new tab)

The Society of Friends of Glasgow Cathedral  (opens in new tab)

Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society (opens in new tab)

Glasgow Museums (opens in new tab)

Hidden Glasgow (opens in new tab)

Glasgow – City of Sculptures (opens in new tab)

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Glasgow City Heritage Trust (opens in new tab)

The Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens (opens in new tab)

Find more things to do and see in KAYAK Glasgow Travel Guide (opens in new tab)

Cemeteries and Graveyards

National Federation of Cemetery Friends (opens in new tab)


Scottish Ironwork Foundation (opens in new tab)

Schulfahrt Touristik(service provider for students) (opens in new tab)

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