Glasgow Necropolis Walking Tours Programme and Events

The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis are delighted to offer friendly and informal Walking Tours of the Glasgow Necropolis. Run by our extremely, well-informed, volunteer tour guides who give their time and commitment to share their passion for this outstanding cemetery to the visitors to the Glasgow Necropolis. Our tours are designed to provide an introduction and overview to the 37 acre (15 hectare) historically significant Victorian Cemetery. Telling the stories of some of the 50,000 people interred within its magnificent gates and their contribution to making Glasgow the second City of the Victorian Empire.

All donations are hugely welcome and we do ask if you can be generous as all donations go entirely towards the conservation and restoration of the Glasgow Necropolis. Booking is essential. Our current restoration project is that of the Monteath Mausoleum. Donations can be made in advance via Monteath Appeal page.  Paypal or with cash or cheque on the day. Booking is essential.

CONTACT to book a date from our tour programme.

Bespoke and Private Tours

If you would like a Bespoke and Private Tour at a time and date to suit you, given enough advance notice and the availability of our volunteer guides we can give you a very special tour. Private tours are a great idea as a gift. Ideal for small and large groups and organisations. Booking is essential.

CONTACT to book and discuss details.

Guide Books

If you prefer to take a walk round in your own time but would like a little help we have an easy to follow pocket guide to 60 of the most famous monuments see our Books page. Some of the proceeds of this sale go to the restoration of the Glasgow Necropolis. If you are not on one of our tours there are no toilet facilities apart from nearby.

General Walking Tour Programme 2024

E-mail to book a date from our tour programme.

April 2024

  • Saturday 20th April @ 11.00am – Tour Guide Sarah Morrison***Fully Booked***
  • Sunday 28th April @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guides Gavin & Joyce***Fully Booked***

May 2024

  • Saturday 4th May @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Scott Kerr ***Fully Booked**(
  • Sunday 12th May @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Claire McArthur***Fully Booked***
  • Saturday 25th May @ 11.00am – Tour Guide Annette Mullen***Fully Booked***

June 2024

  • Sunday 2nd June @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guides Gavin & Joyce McNae***Fully Booked***
  • Saturday 15th June @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Colin Campbell ***Fully Booked***
  • Sunday 30th June @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Jill Carrick***Fully Booked***

July 2024

  • Saturday 6th July @ 11.00am – Tour Guide Colin Campbell
  • Sunday 14th July @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guide Annette Mullen ***Fully Booked***
  • Saturday 27th July @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Annette Mullen***Fully Booked***

August 2024

  • Sunday 4th August @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Jill Carrick
  • Saturday 17th August @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Scott Kerr
  • Saturday 17th August @ 5.00pm  – Tour Guide Annette Mullen
  • Sunday 25th August @ 11.00am – Tour Guides Gavin & Joyce McNae

September 2024

  • Saturday 7th September @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guide Sarah Morrison
  • Sunday 29th September @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide TBC

October 2024

  • Saturday 5th October @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Scott Kerr
  • Sunday 13th October @ 11.00am – Tour Guide Claire McArthur
  • Sunday 27th October @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guide Jill Carrick

November 2024

  • Remembrance Sunday 10th November @ 1.00pm – Tour Guides Annette Mullen & Scott Kerr
  • Saturday 23rd  November @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Sarah Morrison

December 2024

  • Sunday 1st  December @ 11.00am – Tour Guide TBC
  • Saturday 21st December @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guide Colin
  • Sunday 29th  December @ 11.00am  – Tour Guides Gavin & Joyce McNae


Booking a Tour

Prior booking is essential, with members of The Friends of the Glasgow Necropolis having priority booking. All other places will be allocated on a first come basis and the meeting point will be provided with every confirmed booking.

Please contact with details of the tour that you wish to attend and the number of places that you wish to reserve. Please be aware our organisation is run by volunteers and as a result there may be a short delay in us getting back you. We’ll reply as soon as we can, so please be patient with us!

Planning your Visit

The Glasgow Necropolis is located near Glasgow’s medieval St Mungo’s Cathedral and is on the second highest hill in Glasgow. In winter months the weather can be very intemperate so
please wear suitable clothing and footwear suitable for the uneven paths. Allow approximately 2 hours for your visit as the cemetery covers 37 acres. If you have to rest please use some of
the low walls to sit on. Please do not climb on the memorials, please keep to the paths and if you are not on one of our tours there are no toilet facilities apart from nearby St Mungo’s
Museum. Please note St Mungo’s is closed on Mondays and closes on other days at 5pm.

Click here to find out more about the Location of the Necropolis and how to get there.

Walking Tour App

Explore one of Glasgow’s top tourist destinations, with the official GLASGOW NECROPOLIS TOUR app. More details available here.

Talk and Presentation

If you would like us to visit your organisation to give a presentation on the subject of Glasgow Necropolis, or a show film on the wildlife in the Necropolis or both,

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