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In 2012 The Necropolis made the news through the discovery of what was believed to be the first occurrence in western Europe of a North American comb-footed spider Rugathodes sexpunctatus (it then transpired that one had been found shortly before in Bearsden). It is distantly related to the ‘Black Widow’ spider, but is entirely harmless to humans.

This find gave rise to some more detailed searches which have added yet another ‘first’ for Glasgow – the rather rare rove-beetle Acidota cruentata. The rove-beetles are perhaps best known through the biggest British member of the group, the Devil’s Coach-horse (Ocypus olens) which is quite common in The Necropolis and seems apt for a cemetery – in Irish folklore it is believed to eat the flesh of sinners!

Rugathodes sexpunctatus - Spider (c)Mike Davidson

Rugathodes sexpunctatus - Spider
(c)Mike Davidson 2012

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