William Duff

Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 7th Battalion ‘D’ Company
C1908 William Duff joined the HLI. 1911 Duff transferred to 7th Battalion Cameronians and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on 3 December. 1912 Promoted to Lieutenant on 25 December. 1915 The battalion, part of the 52nd (Lowland) Division, sailed from Liverpool on 24 May for Gallipoli, arriving on 14 June. On 28 June two platoons of D Company made up the right flank of an assault at Gully Ravine in which William Duff was killed and in which the 7th and 8th Cameronians suffered very heavy losses. See also Captain William Church, Lieut Alexander Elliot, Captain Cecil Macindoe, Captain Charles Mowat, 2nd Lieut William Robertson for others lost that day.
23 August 1891, Busby
Death28th June 1915
Killed in action. Originally Duff was reported as missing and it was not until March 1916 that his death was officially confirmed.
BurialTwelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Special Memorial B. 90.
William Duff is believed to be buried in this cemetery, one of 47 officers and men of the 1st/7th Cameronians, killed on 28 June and known or believed to be buried here and commemorated by Special Memorials.
Son of William Duff and Ann Mitchell, his wife, of Ramleh, Busby, Lanarkshire.
William Duff (c1850-) and Ann Mitchell (c1858-)
Wholesale Jeweller: Davis, Duff & Son, Ltd, watch manufacturers, wholesale jewellers, silversmiths and diamond merchants, 12 Gordon Street, Glasgow. [Post Office Directory 1920-1]
John (1886-1919), Catherine (c1890-)
Not known
In the insurance business.
Greenholm, East Kilbride, Lanarkshire
Glasgow NecropolisCompartment Eta Lair 201
Scottish National War Memorial Busby Parish Church War Memorial Busby West United Free Church Roll of Honour East Kilbride War Memorial
Brother of Lieut John M Duff who died 24 August 1919. The Duff family, prominent members of the Busby community, presented the village with the Duff Memorial Institute, comprising baths, a library, a reading room and a social room in memory of their two sons which was opened in 1921 and is still in use. [caption id="attachment_2500" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Scottish War memorials Project http://warmemscot.s4.bizhat.com/warmemscot-ftopic5238.html&highlight=john+mitchell+duff Duff Memorial Institute - The Scottish War memorials Project http://warmemscot.s4.bizhat.com/warmemscot-ftopic5238.html&highlight=john+mitchell+duff[/caption]  
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Compiled by Morag Fyfe, Historical and Genealogical Researcher for The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis.

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