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The two persons in which I have the greatest interest are the grand daughters of William McCall (1799), Jessie Meuros Peat and her sister Mary King Dalglish (Peat) whose brother, Samuel McCall Peat came out to South Africa (Port Elizabeth), fought in the Boer War and later married, in South Africa, Mary (May) Davidson (born in Aberdeen).

Samuel hyphenated his second forename thus creating my family surname McCall-Peat.

William McCall Born 1799 Died 30 December 1871. Father of Margaret McCall who married John Peat. Their son born 1866 was named Samuel McCall Peat. He settled in South Africa and married Mary Smart Davidson.

They had 6 children whose surnames were shown as McCall-Peat. Their first child was born in 1900.

The family appears to have been prosperous, as the residential addresses appearing in the various censuses are in very desirable areas. Further the cost of this type of memorial would have been fairly expensive.

William and his wife Jessie (Janet) McCall (Meuros) in the 1841 census lived in

Tarbot Street St. Paul’s District. At the time of the 1851 census they lived at 112

Rottenrow St Mungo District Glasgow.

The following are extracts from the will of  William McCall.

Builder and Wright and the founder of William McCall & Sons Glasgow.

The spellings are exactly as shown in the will.

….who died at Dahlandhui, Gareloch, Dumbartonshire on the 30th day of December 1871.

……deceased houses number 25 Richmond Street Glasgow. Dahlandhui, Rockville and Carloch on the Gareloch,Dumbartonshire.

…….to my eldest son the said Samuel McCall all and whole the plot of ground with the house or villa built thereon and offices and pertinents thereto belonging called Dalandowie, situated on the Gareloch being part and portion of the lands feined by me from his Grace the Duke of Argyll in the Parish of Roseneath and County of Dumbarton.

… my second son the said William McCall that plot of ground with the house or villa built thereon and offices and pertinents thereto belonging called Rockvalley and situated immediately to the north of Dalandowie being part and portion of the lands feined by me from his Grace the Duke of Argyll.

….to my youngest son Archibald Grieve McCall that plot of ground with the house or villa built thereon and offices and pertinents thereto belonging called Carlochvale being part and portion of the lands feined by me from his Grace the Duke of Argyll.

….whole of any property situated in Balmanno Street , Dean Street and Deanside Lane, immediately to the north of the court behind the range of buildings in George Street called Graham’s buildings……

…with the wood yard presently possesed by me and wright’s shops and whole buildings and pertinents thereto belonging to my said sons Samuel and William McCall ………

…hold in trust in their names for behoof of my Daughters ..…… the following tenements belonging to me situated in and forming part of the said range of buildings on the north side of George Street of Glasgow called Graham’s buildings……on which several lots the deceased John Graham erected four large tenements of land fronting George Street…..the west most tenement of said range of buildings at the corner of George Street and Deanside Lane…my eldest daughter Grace McCall.

…..the tenement immediately to the east of the said west most tenement…my daughter Isabella McCall, or Dixon…the tenement immediately to the east of the one last mentioned …my daughter Mrs Margaret McCall or Peat ,wife of John Peat…

….the remaining of the east most tenement of the said range being the tenement on the corner of George Street and Balmanno Street….my daughter Mrs Janet Freeland McCall or Maitland….

…to hold the property in Glassford Street possessed by my tenants Messrs. Wilson & Matheson…..

Memorial Inscription

The stone is a very large 3 sectioned stone with pink granite panels and lists around 23 other family members, some of the people listed are obviously not buried there, but the area/width it covers is the equivalent of at least 4 lairs (e.g. approximately 12 feet wide, allowing for the burial of at about 16 individuals).

The stone sits right at the top of the Necropolis in Section Zeta and because of the size of the stone, it can be seen quite clearly looking at an aerial view.

WILLIAM  McCALL Section Zeta

In memory of WILLIAM McCALL, Builder, Glasgow, born 25th September 1799, died 30th December 1871 (72)

JESSIE MEUROS his wife, born 25th July 1800, died 19th January 1860 (59)

Who rest in the New Cathedral Churchyard.

JAMES MAITLAND their son-in-law died 17th July 1885 aged 54 years who rests in Dumfries Cemetery

JANET FREELAND McCALL his wife born 10th October 1833, died 27th November 1893 (60)

GRACE DOUGLAS McCALL born 18th December 1821, died 31st March 1896 (74)

Who are interred here.

WILLIAM McCALL MAITLAND born 16th May 1863, died 30th June 1923 (60)

GRACE DOUGLAS DALGLISH born 10th October 1893, died 16th November 1927 (34)

JESSIE MEUROS PEAT born 26th February 1860, died 1st February 1933 (72)

MARY KING DALGLISH born 10th March 1864, died 11th January 1934 (69)

Samuel M. McCall

In memory of SAMUEL MEUROS McCALL, Builder, born 18th September 1837, died 8th August 1913 (75)

DAISY WEBB his daughter-in-law, born 1st March 1885, died 9th January 1929 (43)

SAMUEL MEUROS his son, born 14th November 1884, died 4th March 1935 (50), both interred at Brisbane.

WILLIAM LANDELL (Sonny) his grandson, born 22nd June 1908, died 23rd February 1925 (16)

AGNES KENNEDY his daughter, born 19th March 1880, died 24th January 1944 (63)

(Wife of Thomas F. Landell) Both interred in Logie Churchyard (Stirlingshire).

CATHERINE SINCLAIR LAW his wife, born 8th April 1853, died 30th November 1946 (93)

EDITH AIRTH his daughter-in-law, born 25th March 1889, died 12th February 1955 (65)

WILLIAM his son, born 21st January 1877, died 3rd November 1955 (78)

ROBERT LAW his son, born 4th February 1883, died 2nd January 1971 (87)

William McCall

In memory of ANNIE FERGUSON MATHESON his wife, born 22nd April 1848, died 4th May 1877 (29)

The said WILLIAM McCALL, Builder, born 18th February 1840, died 16th October 1912 (72)

MINA LANDELL his elder son’s wife died 25th March 1917

ROBERT MATHESON his younger son, born 24th November 1875, died 21st March 1948 (72)

ETHEL LASSAM, his elder son’s wife, born 1st December 1887, died 4th December 1954 (67)

William McCall Stone – New Cathedral Churchyard.

Descendants of William McCall

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