James McQuade

This information was supplied by Ann Masding 4 times great granddaughter of James McQuade.

Born Ireland but exact location uknown between 1804-1806. Died Glasgow 17th October 1859. His wife was Elizabeth McQuade nee Wallace born Ireland, date unknown. This couple appear to have married in Ireland (date unknown) and arrived in Glasgow between born of a daughter Matilda in 1835 in Ireland and 1837 when a son was born in Glasgow.

Six chidren have been located so far:-

1. Helen born 1833 Ireland. Married first to 1851 to Terrence Sweeney. Secondly to Benjamin Davidson 1869 both marriages. Died in Glasgow 31st January 1851

2. Matilda born 1835 Ireland

3. William born 1837 Glasgow

4. Elizabeth born 1842 Glasgow

5. James born 1844 Glasgow

6. Mary born 1851 Glasgow

After arriving in Glasgow, James worked as a Coal Porter. He living at 381 Garscube Road, Maryhill at the time of his death in 1859 when his age was given as 53 yrs. He was buried in Eta in a single sepulchre.

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