Eliza Margaret Nisbet

British War Medal
regimentScottish Churches Huts
Margaret (as she seems to have been known) Nisbet and her sister Amy Jane arrived at Etaples in June 1916. Margaret died 3 months later but Amy served until September 1919. Etaples was one of 25 centres established by the Scottish Churches Huts and (wo)manned by 350 volunteers. [caption id="attachment_3009" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Scottish Churches Hut at Montreuil, 13km from Etaples. The Scottish Churches Hut at Montreuil, 13km from Etaples.[/caption]
23rd November 1864, Glasgow
Death16th August 1916
Miss Nisbet died in a military hospital at Etaples.  It is presumed she died of disease though that has not been confirmed.  Medical research now suggests that the influenza that caused so many deaths in 1918-1919 first appeared at Etaples in the winter of 1916.
BurialEtaples Military Cemetery, I. B. 43.
Daughter of David and Jane Stevenson Nisbet
David Nisbet (1819-1876) & Jane S Stevenson (c1832-1907)
Christopher J (1859-1863), Robert S (1860-), Amy J (1862-), David S (1867-), Elizabeth D (1869-), James S (1874-)
Not known
Not known
6 Oakfield Terrace, Partick, Glasgow
4 Kelvin Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow (EMN not at home)
Kelvin Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow
4 Kelvin Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow
24 Roxburgh Street, Hillhead, Glasgow
1916 – 3 Saltoun Gardens, Glasgow
Glasgow NecropolisCompartment Petra Lair not known
Scottish National War Memorial – there is an entry for EM Nisbet of the Young Men’s Christian Association with no date or place of death. This may be our Miss Nisbet. Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church War Memorial
Miss Nisbet left an estate to the value of £3710.  Her sister Amy was sole beneficiary under her will.
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Compiled by Morag Fyfe, Historical and Genealogical Researcher for The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis.

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