The Cruikshank Memorial

The profiles of Alexander & James Cruikshank are currently the only two we have from this memorial. If anyone can write up Profiles or provide information on the other members of the family please contact

Cruikshank Memorial

The full transcript of the memorial reads:-

JAMES CRUICKSHANK In memory of his wife ELIZA MILNE died 29th August 1861 aged 38 years, their daughter SUSAN ISABELLA MARY died 23rd December 1859 aged 5 months, JAMES CRUIKSHANK died 9th October 1884 aged 64 years, ROBERT ALEXANDER CRIUIKSHANK died 23rd November 1904 aged 52 years, KATHERINE JANE BELL his wife died 27th January 1915 aged 61 years, FRANCIS JAMES CRUIKSHANK died 15th July 1918 in his 64th year, MARY WOODBURN DICK wife of JAMES BROWN CRUIKSHANK died 15th May 1919 in her 54th year

JAMES only son of FRANCIS JAMES died at U.S.A. 1st September 1925 in his 43rd year

Copenhagen, Corunna, Flushing, Busaco, Fuentes Donor, Badajos, Nivelle, Nive Toulouse, Quatre Bras , Waterloo

 Also in memory of his uncles ALEXANDER CRUIKSHANK 79th Highlanders Late Fort Major Edinburgh Castle who fought in the above engagements died 22nd August 1857 aged 69 years, JAMES CRUIKSHANK 92nd Highlanders who fought at Quatre Bras and Waterloo died 18th April 1880 aged 86 years, his father ROBERT CRUIKSHANK builder Glasgow died 3rd October 1871 aged 80 years, his mother JANET HOWIE died 2nd April 1873 aged 75 years, his sisters ISABELLA died 4th April 1835, ELIZA died 12th April 1867

Cruikshank Memorial Inscription 1

Cruikshank Memorial Inscription 1

Cruikshank Memorial Inscription 2

Cruikshank Memorial Inscription 2


Links to the profiles of Alexander and James

Alexander Cruikshank

James Cruikshank




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