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Glasgow Necropolis Walking Tours Programme and Events

Our walking tours are run by our extremely, well informed, volunteer tour guides. We do not ask for a specific fee for our walking tours but do ask if you can be generous as all our donations go towards the conservation and restoration of the Necropolis. If you prefer to take a walk round in your own time but would like a little help we have an easy to follow pocket guide to 60 of the most famous monuments see our Books page. Some of the proceeds of this sale goes to the Necropolis.

All our tours are free of charge, however, as a registered Scottish charity, all donations are hugely welcome to assist in our education and restoration work within the Glasgow Necropolis. Our current restoration project is that of the Monteath Mausoleum.

Find out more and make a donation at our Monteath Appeal page.

Walking Tour Programme 2017

These informal and informative tours of the Glasgow Necropolis will be undertaken, weather permitting, as per the dates noted below.   The tour guides assigned to each tour are also listed below. The assignations are subject to change.

In 2017 as part of the Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson bicentenary celebrations, the Friends will be undertaking Friday Evening Walking Tours with a focus on the architecture in the Necropolis. These tours last approximately one hour.**

The Saturday and Sunday tours last approximately two hours and are general walking tours.

April 2017

  • Saturday 29th April @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Duncan Sloan- Bank Holiday Weekend **FULLY BOOKED**

May 2017

  • Saturday 13th May @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Jannis Low
  • Friday 26th May @ 6.00pm Tour – Guide Ruth Johnston  – Bank Holiday Weekend**
  • Sunday 28th May @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Nigel Willis – Bank Holiday Weekend

June 2017

  • Saturday 10th June @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Scott Kerr
  • Friday 16th June @ 6.00pm- Tour Guide Ruth Johnston**
  • Sunday 25th June @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Annette Mullen

July 2017

  • Sunday 9th July @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Duncan Sloan
  • Friday 14th July @ 6.00pm – Tour Guide Ruth Johnston**
  • Saturday 29th July @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guide Joyce McNae

August 2017

  • Friday 4th August @ 6.00pm – Tour Guide Ruth Johnston**
  • Sunday 6th August @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Nigel Willis – Bank Holiday Weekend
  • Saturday 26th August @ 2.00pm & 5.00pm – Tour Guides Scott Kerr & Annette Mullen

September 2017

  • Sunday 10th September @ 12.00 noon – Annette Mullen
  • Friday 22nd September @ 6.00pm – Tour Guide Ruth Johnston**

October 2017

  • Saturday 7th October @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guide Duncan Sloan
  • Friday 27th October @ 4.00pm – Tour Guide Ruth Johnston**
  • Sunday 29th October @ 2.00pm – Tour Guide Jannis Low

November 2017

  • Sunday 12th November @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Scott Kerr & Annette Mullen Remembrance Sunday Tour focused on WW1 Roll of Honour
  • Saturday 25th November @ 12.00 noon – Tour Guide Duncan Sloan

December 2017

  • Saturday 9th December @ 1.00pm – Tour Guide Scott Kerr
  • Sunday 31st December @ 11.00am – Tour Guide Gavin McNae

Prior booking is essential. To book a place on a tour, please visit the Booking a Tour section of this page.

Booking a Tour

Prior booking is essential, with members of The Friends of the Glasgow Necropolis having priority booking. All other places will be allocated on a first come basis and the meeting point will be provided with every confirmed booking.

Please contact  with details of the tour that you wish to attend and the number of places that you wish to reserve.

Planning your Visit

The Glasgow Necropolis is located nearby Glasgow’s medieval Cathedral and is on the second highest hill in Glasgow. Allow approximately 2 hours for your visit as the cemetery covers 37 acres. If you have to rest please use some of the low walls to sit on. Please do not climb on the memorials, please keep to the paths and wear suitable clothing and footwear. There are no toilet facilities on the site – nearby St Mungo’s Museum has toilet facilities but please note it closes at 5pm.

Click here to find out more about the Location of the Necropolis and how to get there.

Bespoke Walking Tours

As well as our Walking Tour Programme we also undertake bespoke tours for groups and organisations.  These tours can be tailored to suit your requirements. Please contact for details.

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